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Julia Boston Photography provide full service for your wedding . Our packages might include all day photography service, 2nd ant third photographer, videographer, drone air video, wedding designer, and deejay service. You can meet all our vendors here, chose the best package for your special date.

Julia Malisheva, Primary Photographer

Videographer will make a video during all day, capture special moments an do  beautiful video wich you can share with your friends and keep for ages.

My style is deeply rooted in classical painting history, elegance, photojournalism, fashion and fusion of natural and glamour style of photography. The result is timeless, creative and elegant wedding imagery, full of emotions and memories. I pride myself on being an artist who creates family heirlooms, that last for generations to come.

Look to your wedding from the birds view. You will see fantastic video with drone and go pro camera. Your friends will love it!

Julia Boston Photography Photo books

You can add to your package  luxury photo book,  prints or wedding invitations.

Our partner can help you to have a fantastic trip for you engagement or honeymoon

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